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  • First apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Using your fingertips, dot concealer under the eye where dark circles form, and tap gently to blend.
  • Find the foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Blend with a makeup sponge and cover your entire face, making sure to blend along the jawline.
  • Apply loose powder on large fluffy brush to set the foundation and concealer, helping to give it staying power throughout the day.  You can add some pressed in same color if you feel you need extra setting. Apply sparingly to avoid caking of makeup on the face.
  • Eyebrows help to frame the face and eyes, and can be accentuated with eyebrow powder instead of pencil.  The powder gives brows a more natural color.  Brow wax or gel can be applied to the brow hair first to help set the powder.
  • Eyeshadow in neutral tines such as taupe, beige, tan and beige can help compliment the brow color and pair well with mascara.
  • Apply mascara in two thin coats to both top and bottom lashes.  Black achieves the most dramatic effect however navy blue and brown can also achieve the look as well and are gaining popularity also.
  • Now time for the cheeks. Apply a soft peach blush for olive or darker skin tone, and light pink for fair skin.  Tap excess powder off brush before applying and only to apples of cheeks. No need to keep reapplying until color is dark as it will pop once it sets.
  • A clear gloss on lips is always safe, but to add a bit of emphasis to lips you can choose a creamy lipstick shade closest to your natural lip color.


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The questionnaire must include questions such as following:

  • What are the major factors that distinguish the school from others?
  • Does the school have specialization in offering course for makeup artistry or cosmetics?
  • Does the school conduct particle classes to groom the basic skills of makeup?
  • Does the school offers business training for freelance makeup artists? If yes, what kind?
  • Track the records of professionals or faculties do they have experience, knowledge and degree/diploma in makeup industry?
  • Does the makeup school provide valuable support for internships and job placement?
  • Does the school have recognition to provide certification for the course?
  • How big are the classes for makeup courses Toronto or Mississauga? How many students does the school accept for each class?
  • How many semesters have been introduced in the course and when does exam gets conduct?

Beauty Course to define Your Style Your way

  • You can take the help of your friend and internet to find the various types of hairdressing courses offered by the school.
  • Always check the qualification and license of the institute.
  • Ensure that the teachers and instructors are affiliated with trusted college.
  • Always check the price of tuition fees and compare with other schools which offer hair styling courses.
  • The curriculum includes, hair design, hair sculpture, hair texture, hair design for short and long hair, cutting, thermal styling and other courses.

Different topics covered during the program include:

  • They learn building a clientele and customer service
  • Analyzing hair and scalp
  • Different techniques of styling and finishing
  • How to keep health and safety in salon
  • Basic & Advance cutting and coloring techniques
  • Use of different chemical service in smoothing your hair
  • How to operate the salon or working as a hairstylist with the industry

How will I know whether this is a possible career for me?


Are you interested in building your career in Cosmetology?

  • Diploma in advance aesthetics

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  • Diploma in skin care therapist

  • Our Medical Aesthetics Certificate Program