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Here’s the syntax you might use on a single-pass XviD project without using profiles.

XviD Single-pass Profile Example

mencoder -profile xvid input.avi -o output.avi

XviD 2-pass Profile Examples

x264 2-pass Profile Examples

x264 Single-pass Profile Example

mencoder -profile x264 input.avi -o output.avi

sudo apt-get-install mkvtoolnix

Installation and three examples of how to use the tool are below.

sudo apt-get install ogmtools

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A simplified version of the mkvmerge syntax is as follows.

mkvmerge video.avi --chapters chapter.txt -o video.mkv

Verify the contents of your MKV using mkvmerge or mkvinfo.

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Prerequisite: Install eyeD3

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sudo apt-get install eyed3

Save and Modify Script

# Script name:
# Original Author: Ian of DarkStarShout Blog
# Site:
# Options slightly modified to liking of
#Determine tags present:
find . -iname "*.mp3" -exec eyeD3 --no-color -v {} ; > $indexfile
tagspresent=`sort -u $indexfile | awk -F): '/^<.*$/ {print $1}' 
| uniq | awk -F)> '{print $1}' | awk -F( '{print $(NF)}' 
| awk 'BEGIN {ORS=" "} {print $0}'`
rm $indexfile
#Determine tags to strip:
tostrip=`echo -n $tagspresent $oktags $oktags 
| awk 'BEGIN {RS=" "; ORS="n"} {print $0}' | sort | uniq -u 
| awk 'BEGIN {ORS=" "} {print $0}'`
#Confirm action:
echo The following tags have been found in the mp3s:
echo $tagspresent
echo These tags are to be stripped:
echo $tostrip
echo -n Press enter to confirm, or Ctrl+C to cancel...
read dummy
#Strip 'em
stripstring=`echo $tostrip 
| awk 'BEGIN {FS="n"; RS=" "} {print "--set-text-frame=" $1 ": "}'`
# First pass copies any v1.x tags to v2.3 and strips unwanted tag data.
# Second pass removes v1.x tags, since I don't like to use them.
# Without --no-tagging-time-frame, a new unwanted tag is added.  :-)
find . -iname "*.mp3" 
-exec eyeD3 --to-v2.3 --no-tagging-time-frame $stripstring {} ; 
-exec eyeD3 --remove-v1 --no-tagging-time-frame {} ; 
echo "Script complete!"

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To run the script, just execute it from the top level parent directory.

cd ~/Music/



sudo apt-get install vlan tcpreplay
sudo modprobe 8021q

Discover Voice-enabled Switch Port Information

Capture a Sample VoIP phone CDP Packet

Replay CDP Packets to Spoof a Cisco VoIP Phone

sudo watch -n 60 "tcpreplay -i eth0 cdp-packet.cap"

Access Voice VLAN with 802.1q Sub-interface

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Mitigation… Aww, Bummer…

The following command will extract the AC3 audio stream to a file called audio.ac3.

Verify the file was created. The output below shows that this stream is about 250Mb.

You can now use ffmpeg again to show that audio.ac3 only contains the ac3 audio stream.

Now that you have extracted the audio stream, you can do anything you wish with it. Enjoy.